Description South America, the planet's 4th largest continent, includes (12) countries and (3) major territories. It
contains the massive Amazon River and surrounding basin - the largest tropical rain forest in the world; the
toothy-edged Andes Mountains, that stretch the entire length of the continent, and some of the most diverse
and spectacular landforms on the planet.

Continent Size: 17,819,000 sq km, 6,879,000 sq miles

Percent of Earth's Land: 12%, Population: 379,500,000

Highest Point: Cerro Aconcagua, Andes Mountains, Argentina - 22,833 ft (6,959m).

Lowest Point: Peninsula Valdes, Argentina coastline -151 ft (-40m) below sea level.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay,
Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela

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